Boot Camp - List of Experiments

Sr. No. Database Sr. No. Fluid Mechanics Sr. No. Integradted Circuits
1 To study DDL-create and DML-insert commands. 1 Validate bernouli's theorem. 1 Parameterr of OP - AMP
2 Create the below given table and insert the data accordingly 2 Determine frictional lossses in pipe. 2 Inverting as non-inverting configuration
3 To Perform various data manipulation commands, aggregate functions and sorting concept on all created tables. 3 To determine loss co-efficient for pipe fittings. 3 To obtain frequency of inverting as non inverting
4 To study Single-row functions. 4 To calibrate and study flow meter 4 Adder as subtractor using OP-AMP
5 Displaying data from Multiple Tables. 5 To measure velocity and flow using pitot tube 5 To study design implement of OP - AMP as integrator as differentiator
6 To apply the concept of Aggregating Data using Group functions. 6 To calibrate rectangular triangular trapezoidal notches 6 To study and design oscillator using OP - AMP
7 To solve queries using the concept of sub query. 7 To calculate reynold's no. of liquid 7 To study and implement OP-AMP as low pan and high pan
8 Manipulating Data 8 To measure viscocity using red wood viscometer 8 To study and implement OP-AMP as computer
9 To apply the concept of security and privileges 9 To find meta centric height of body floating in water. 9 To study 555 timer as astable and monostable multiuibrator
10 To study Transaction control commands. 10 Study of different pressure measuring device. 10 To design and implement schmitt trigger circuit using OP-AMP
11 To understand how a line gets plotted pixel by pixel using DDA algorithm. 11 To study and understand working and datasheet of any one voltage regulator 11 To study and understand the working and data sheet of any one voltage regulator(78XX, 79XX, 317).
12 To create and design buttons using CSS and Bootstrap. 12 To demonstrate the working of hemodialysis machine and enabling the user for interactive learning (BIO)
13 To Perform encryption and decryption by using Caesar Cipher.