Virtual Labs Development Workshop @ Mumbai

Day 1

* Inauguration of Virtual Labs Development Workshop

* Introduction and felicitation of Resource Persons ( Prof. Mrs. Anita Divakar Research scholar, IIT Bombay, Mr. Pushpdeep Mishra, Project Manager, Virtual Labs IIT Bombay, Prof. Manish Nagoshe, Regional Technical Coordinator Virtual Lab, PVG Pune and Mr. Jai Mathur, Research Assistant IIT Bombay) the hands of: Prof. Geetha Narayanan, Nodal Coordinator, VIT and other Senior Faculty of Vidyalankar.

* Address by Mr. Pushpdeep Mishra, Project Manager, Virtual Labs, IIT Bombay elaborated on various activities of Virtual Lab Project from IIT Bombay.

* Vote of thanks by Prof. Geetha Narayanan

* Session I : Pedagogy Aspects: Importance of setting learning outcomes and advantages of using a guided approach in designing the experiments.Requirement of designing Problem Based experiment while creating virtual lab was also explined. Mrs. Anita Diwakar, Research Scholar at IIT Bombay

* Session II : GitLab Training: Introduction to Gitlab, installing procedures for Gitlab, creating new Repository. He made the participants to make their own repository and explained the procedure for using Gitlab. Here he thoroughly explained the process of pushing ang pulling files to and from Git. Mr. Pushpdeep Mishra, Project Manager, Virtual Labs, IIT Bombay and Mr. Jai Mathur Research Assistant at IIT Bombay.

* Session III : HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript - Part I: This session was the first step to creation of HTML page for the virtual lab. Explained the use of Microsoft Expression Web 4 for creation of web pages for various applications of Virtual lab design. He started with creation of tables, inclusion of symbols, Buttons on a web page and later explained about including mathematical functions logical functions on these applications. Session was taken by Prof. M.C. Nagoshe, Regional technical Coordinator - VLABS, PVG’s COET Pune

Day 2

* Session IV: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Part 2: Explained the various application development using HTML and JAVA SCRIPT in the design of virtual lab. Writing script for applications like looping, arrays and function was explained. Participants had made dynamic tables where data can be changed by clicking. by Prof. M. C. Nagoshe

* Session V: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Part 3: Focus on how to make graphs in the web pages from the data given.

* Session VI: GitLab Training: Additional features of Gitlab which allows the user to share the projects they make and contribute to the projects by creating branches. This allows the user to share the files and give rights to the groups to change the files. by Mr. Pushpdeep Mishra and Mr. Jai Mathur, VLABS-IITB

* Session VII: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Part 4: Explaination of more features of HTML and Java Script which are required for creating graphs and pictures in HTML.Also explained how to create diagrams through Mouse click which enable us to make drag and drop diagrams in virtualization.

* Session VIII: Hands-on training on HTML programming: Exercises to create various shapes and to translate and rotate the diagram. He later stated explaining animation by a simple example of a crank shaft.

Day 3

*  Session IX: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Part 5: Explaination of HTML and JAVA SCRIPT application development in creating animations. By Prof. M. C. Nagoshe

*   Session X : Group Activity: The participants were divided in groups of two and were given were given assignment for development of virtual lab.

* Session X: Google Web Designer: The session was taken by Prof. Tanuja Khatavkar on GWD used for creating animations. The tool being simple to use, the participants enjoyed making applications using this tool.

* Valedictory Function: The session was attended by Dr. Saurav Mitra, Chief Academic Officer, VIT, Mr. Pushpdeep Mishra, IITB, Prof. Manish Nagoshe, Prof. Tanuja Khatavkar, Prof. Anita Diwakar, Mr. Jai Mathur. Dr. Mitra addressed the gathering about the advantage of such an event in VIT. This was followed by the faculty sharing their experiences.
Special appreciation awards were given for-

  • Best Story Boarding: Prof. Obed Ali Surti, Mr. Vishal Gupta
  • Best Developer/Programmer of workshop: Mr. Tanishque Jain
  • Best Community connect: Mr. Akash Jaiswal