Virtual Labs Development Workshop @ Vadodara

Day 1

* Session I: Pedagogy Aspects: Prof. Anita Diwakar introduced the fellow participants with the pedagogy aspects and an introductory note on Vlabs. This session was a very basic yet insightful.

*Session II: GitLab Training: This session introduced the participants on the power of Gitlab. It was a hands on training session by Mr. Pushpdeep Mishra.

* Session III: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript - Part I: An introductory hands on training session HTML5, CSS3 and JS, carried out under the guidance of Prof. M.C. Nagoshe.

Day 2

*  Session IV: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Part 2: The session gave an insight into looping techniques, simple functions (call and definition), Loops- for, do while and data structures like arrays, lists and their usage. Along with this, it also included the live simulations of numerical data sets by Prof. M. C. Nagoshe

* Session V & VI: Hands-on training on HTML programming that includes basic programs like creating a dynamic table set and basics of sketching in html5 by using various frameworks.

*  Session VII: GitLab Training: The software GitLab was introduced by Mr. Pushpdeep Mishra and Mr. Jai Mathur, VLABS-IITB which dealt with creating new Repository (public or private), accessing git bash to push or pull the source code present in the software. Along with this, the participants were introduced to the two important concepts of gitlab that are branching and forking.

Day 3

*  Session VIII: Hands-on session on HTML5 training By Prof. M. C. Nagoshe By Prof. M. C. Nagoshewith short examples on sketching and dynamic object movements. Parallely, the participants were given introduction to animation using HTML5 .

*   Session IX : Group Activity: The participants were divided in groups of two and were given two modules of different domains- which in itself gave the participants a perfect guidance for a future project.

* Session X: Google Web Designer: A special session was taken by Prof. Tanuja Khatavkar on GWD that helped for easy animation tricks beneficial to both coders and non-coders. A few hands on assignments during the session made it easy to understand the software and its beauty .

* Valedictory Function: The ending note of the three day workshop was witnessed by the Dean of Faculty of Technology and Engineering Prof. S. S. Bhattacharya. The speakers and guests were also felicitated.
Special appreciation awards were given for-

  • Best Story Boarding: Prof. Sandhya Sharma, Mr. Jay Tailor
  • Best Developer/Programmer of workshop: Ms. Ekta Gavas
  • Best Community connect: Prof. Sandhya Sharma