About VLabsDev

The objective of VLabsDev is to involve the community to re-think on the best practices regarding pedagogy, storyboards, lab manuals, documentation and the technologies for building a high quality simulator.

The main activities of the VLabsDev portal currently are content creation through community, hosting the community created content, the source codes, hackathons for code and content development, events for instructors for pedagogy and storyboard design.

Stakeholders & Beneficiaries

The academic community of students and instructors from Engineering, Science and Polytechnic institutes are the potential stakeholders as well as the beneficiaries. The objective is to provide quality Virtual Lab experiences for education.

Content creation

The data collected through major universities in India indicates that, there are over 500 Labs which need to be created; (only ~120 labs of the MHRD Virtual Labs project are available for use). Therefore, there exists a huge gap in the syllabus which has to be filled by the community itself.

Virtual Labs